Next Delivery : 06th Oct(Thu),09AM-12PM
Next Delivery : 06th Oct(Thu),09AM-12PM
Zucchini Yellow
Approx. 450gm - 500gm
27.75 AED 27.75 AED 27.75 AED
Zucchini Green Cube Holland
250 gm/Pack
6.50 AED 6.50 AED 6.5 AED
Zucchini Green
Approx. 450g - 500g
20.75 AED 20.75 AED 20.75 AED
Zaatar leaves
100 gm/Pack
7.50 AED 7.50 AED 7.5 AED
Yam India
Approx. 900g - 1kg/Pack
4.95 AED 4.95 AED 4.95 AED
Wild Rocket Leaves Italy (Rocca leaves)
12.95 AED 12.95 AED 12.950000000000001 AED
White Radish
500g -600g
5.75 AED 5.75 AED 5.75 AED
Watercress / Bakleh
100 gm/Pack
7.50 AED 7.50 AED 7.5 AED
Turnip Baby South Africa
200 gm/Pack
16.99 AED 19.00 AED 16.990000000000002 AED (11% OFF)
Approx. 450g - 500g
1.95 AED 3.50 AED 1.95 AED (44% OFF)
Turmeric Whole (India)
4.90 AED 4.90 AED 4.9 AED
Turmeric Baby Thailand
Approx. 200g/Pack
18.50 AED 18.50 AED 18.5 AED
3.95 AED 3.95 AED 3.95 AED
Tomato sliced
3.00 AED 3.00 AED 3.0 AED
Tomato Selected Big
Approx. 900g - 1 Kg
6.50 AED 6.50 AED 6.5 AED
Tomato Plum Holland Box
5.5kg - 6.00kg
142.50 AED 142.50 AED 142.5 AED
Tomato Plum Holland
Approx. 450g - 500g
12.25 AED 12.25 AED 12.25 AED
Tomato Jordan Box
20.00 AED 32.00 AED 20.0 AED (38% OFF)
Tomato Jordan
Approx. 450g - 500g
1.95 AED 1.95 AED 1.95 AED
Tomato Cherry Yellow
250 gm/Pack
8.75 AED 8.75 AED 8.75 AED
Tomato Cherry Red
250 gm/Pack
6.90 AED 6.90 AED 6.9 AED
Tomato Cherry Plum Red Holland
250 gm/Pack
12.75 AED 12.75 AED 12.75 AED
Tomato Cherry Mix
13.50 AED 13.50 AED 13.5 AED
Tomato Cherry Bunch
Approx. 250 gm/Pack
12.90 AED 12.90 AED 12.9 AED

Fresh Vegetables

Buy fresh organic vegetables from the Best Fruits and Vegetable market in Dubai. Vegetables are the most essential part of your daily life. It plays an important part in your daily diet. Fresh vegetables are naturally good, providing the most important vitamins and minerals to your body. Everyone should consume vegetables daily in good proportions that maintain a healthy lifestyle. We all must have studied in our school days how essential this vegetable is and how they work in the human body and what will be the result after consuming vegetables daily. However, we tend to ignore them from our diet. Always we give first preference to non-veg foods like junk foods, etc. So that we forget to eat veggies and automatically your body becomes unhealthy because the number of vitamins and minerals drastically reduced. Some vegetables can be consumed raw, while some need to be cooked. It is important to add a handful of the amount to your everyday meals. Make sure that at least 2 or 3 organic vegetables must be included in your food daily. That gives amazing health benefits to your body. If you are looking for a fresh market in Dubai for fresh vegetables and fruits, Don’t worry! Gulf Fruits will help you! Vegetables have different types like onion, tomatoes, lady fingersweet melonbottle gourdbean sprouts, etc. Visiting markets now and then can be a little difficult especially in today’s fast-moving world. There are so many vegetable markets in Dubai. You can find varieties of fruits and vegetables that are fresh as well as healthy. Explore our website at and stock up on your weekly necessities. We are the best option for grocery delivery in Dubai.  Prepare delicious veggie recipes by using fresh organic vegetables from the best online grocery store in Dubai.



Tomatoes are not one type. There are many types and sizes as well. Small tomatoes (cherry), yellow tomatoes, large tomatoes, salad tomatoes, red plum tomatoes and tomatoes contain many vitamins and magnesium also. We do not dispense with tomatoes, as they enter In most of our daily meals, in addition to making sauces, everyone loves it, so we made sure to provide it fresh for you, and you can order it online and deliver it to you from the best vegetable and fruit delivery company.


We have many types of onions from more than one place around the world, such as red onions, brown onions, white onions and shallot onions. All of these types are available and we all know the benefits of onions and that it is an immune booster, in addition to helping to remove harmful microbes and bacteria from the body.



Sweet and regular ones are available. We all love them, adults and children, because of their distinctive taste. They also provide many vitamins. We also have many types, such as sweet potatoes, red potatoes and purple potatoes, and we import the best types of potatoes from the best places in the world to provide the highest quality For you and to always be fresh


Cabbage contains many vitamins and antioxidants that work to strengthen and enhance immunity. We also have many types and colours of it, such as white cabbage, flat cabbage, red cabbage and Chinese cabbage, and you can order it online


Coloured capsicum

We all know the many benefits and vitamins that sweet pepper contains, in addition to the delicious and distinctive taste that it adds to our meals and also to salad dishes for a distinctive salad dish rich in vitamins that strengthen immunity Make sure you have coloured capsicum.



We also have many types of mushrooms, such as white mushrooms, brown mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Chinese oyster mushrooms, and many other types. We also know mushrooms contain a good amount of protein and also good amounts of antioxidants that strengthen And it enhances the body’s immunity


Chopped vegetables

We always work for your convenience, so we have provided a special section for vegetables that are cut and ready for cooking directly in order to help you in your home as well, and not only deliver fresh vegetables to you, but also ready for cooking to provide more comfort and more time to enjoy a better life and spend a better time and Longer with the family