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Longan Vietnam
450g - 500g
19.25 AED 23.00 AED 19.25 AED (16% OFF)
Longan with stem
450g - 500g
25.00 AED 28.00 AED 25.0 AED (11% OFF)
Mandarin (South Afica)
450g - 500g
5.95 AED 5.95 AED 5.95 AED
Mandarin Australia
6.50 AED 9.95 AED 6.5 AED (35% OFF)
Mandarin Australia Box
115.00 AED 270.00 AED 115.0 AED (57% OFF)
Mandarine Single
1.90 AED 1.90 AED 1.9000000000000001 AED
Mango Alphonso Indonesia
450g - 500g
14.50 AED 14.50 AED 14.5 AED
Mango Alphonso Indonesia Box
58.00 AED 58.00 AED 58.0 AED
Mango Egypt
900g - 1Kg
6.95 AED 9.75 AED 6.95 AED (29% OFF)
Mango Egypt Box
3.4Kg - 3.7Kg
23.00 AED 36.00 AED 23.0 AED (36% OFF)
Mango Kenya Round
900g - 1Kg
13.00 AED 13.00 AED 13.0 AED
Mango Kenya Round Box
Approx. 3.5kg-4kg
47.00 AED 47.00 AED 47.0 AED
Mango Thailand
900g - 1kg
58.00 AED 58.00 AED 58.0 AED
Mangosteen Indonesia
450g - 500g
18.00 AED 33.00 AED 18.0 AED (45% OFF)
Mixed Seedless Grapes
26.50 AED 26.50 AED 26.5 AED
Nectarine Single
5.75 AED 5.75 AED 5.75 AED
Office Lunch Box
15.00 AED 15.00 AED 15.0 AED
Orange Valencia
450g - 500g
3.15 AED 4.00 AED 3.15 AED (21% OFF)
Orange Valencia Bag
18.50 AED 24.00 AED 18.5 AED (23% OFF)
Orange Valencia Box
85.00 AED 110.00 AED 85.0 AED (23% OFF)
Orange Valencia Single
1.60 AED 1.60 AED 1.6 AED
Organic Apple Green
450g - 500g
25.00 AED 25.00 AED 25.0 AED
Organic Apple Royal Gala
450g - 500g
18.00 AED 18.00 AED 18.0 AED
Organic Banana Chiquita Box
18 kg/Box
165.00 AED 198.00 AED 165.0 AED (17% OFF)

Fresh Fruits

 Start your every day by eating fresh fruits from the best online grocery store in Dubai. Fruits are one of the most important and good sources of vitamins and minerals. Fruits can boost immunity power in our bodies instantly. Fruits can put out your thirst and hunger at the same time.  Fruits are one of the best options for all busy people who do not have enough time to take proper nutrition. They have the perfect combination of both taste and healthy. Considering the people who live in the big cities, they have faced difficulty finding fresh fruits from the grocery in Dubai. Because nowadays, a lot of chemicals are applied to fruits for their freshness and easy growth. So that these chemicals badly affect the human body. To avoid this, we are always aware of buying fruits from the supermarket. Firstupall, we should find the best grocery store or fresh fruits company in Dubai then buys fresh organic fruits. And experience the natural taste of fresh fruits. We are all lucky to have lots of different types of fruits around us with a variety of tastes like sweet, sour, etc. We have sweet fruits like mango, apple, pineapple, dragon fruits, grapes, orange, watermelon, bananas, kiwi, etc, with a high amount of vitamins and minerals. Thus give the primary importance to consume fruits every day or at least once or twice a week. That will give amazing power to your body. The benefits of fruits are endless. But make sure that they are high on quality and taste. Always fruits are meant to be nutritious and fresh. Poor quality fruits will not give any health benefits instead they can harm your health. But don’t worry! We are here to help you! Order fresh fruits online from the best grocery store in Dubai “Gulf Fruits” in simple steps and stay healthy and fine. All our fruits are juicy and fresh that provide an utterly delicious taste.



It contains many different types of apples, such as red apples, yellow apples, green apples and Fuji apples, and they are available in the highest quality and also from all over the world in order to ensure their diversity and each type has many benefits that the body needs daily, and apples are suitable for those who are They follow a diet as it is low in calories, and therefore it is suitable for a low-calorie diet


Tropical and rare fruits

It is a group of fruits that grow in tropical regions or in certain regions of the world only, such as dragon fruit, prickly pear, passion fruit and lychee. You strengthen it so everyone loves it and we have provided it for you online so that you can order it and it will be delivered fresh to you

Citrus fruits

It is a group characterized by the presence of vitamin C, which increases immunity, in addition to its wonderful and distinctive taste. It is also characterized by the availability of many of them, such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and red oranges, which gives you many types of citrus fruits to choose from and enjoy the wonderful distinctive taste of citruses. You can also order it online And deliver it to the door of the house fresh

Cut  fruits

And this group is characterized by the availability of many chopped fruits in one box, which gives the body many vitamins at one time, which raises immunity is also easy to eat and saves the time of cutting and cleaning, so everyone prefers it. Fruits are cut to make fruit salad when ordering online, so it reaches you always fresh


It contains the finest and sweetest types of melons, such as yellow watermelon, seedless watermelon, red watermelon, cantaloupe and cantaloupe, which contains good amounts of water, which compensate for the water lost by the body during the summer or during fasting, as it provides the body with the necessary fibre to improve digestion



It contains the best types of fresh and delicious berries and many types are available, such as blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and strawberries and all of these types of berries contain many antioxidants that raise the body’s immunity and strengthen it, in addition to its distinctive taste that everyone loves. Order it online It always gets you fresh