Next Delivery : Today, 09AM-12PM
Next Delivery : Today, 09AM-12PM
Organic Cucumber
Approx. 450g - 500g
5.50 AED 8.75 AED 5.5 AED (37% OFF)
Organic Tomato
Approx. 400g-500g
8.50 AED 10.50 AED 8.5 AED (19% OFF)
Organic Capsicum Green
Approx. 450g - 500g
6.75 AED 19.00 AED 6.75 AED (64% OFF)
Potato Sweet Organic
Approx. 450gm-500 gm
10.50 AED 20.00 AED 10.5 AED (48% OFF)
Banana Chiquita Organic
13.90 AED 13.90 AED 13.9 AED
Organic Beetroot
Approx. 450g - 500g
7.00 AED 20.00 AED 7.0 AED (65% OFF)
Organic Sweet Corn
Approx. 400gm-500gm
9.75 AED 15.50 AED 9.75 AED (37% OFF)
Organic Zucchini Green
9.75 AED 9.75 AED 9.75 AED
Organic Zucchini Yellow
9.75 AED 9.75 AED 9.75 AED
Organic Capsicum Mix
Approx. 450g - 500g
11.25 AED 25.00 AED 11.25 AED (55% OFF)
Organic Capsicum Yellow
Approx. 450g - 500g
10.50 AED 19.00 AED 10.5 AED (45% OFF)
Organic Capsicum Red
Approx. 450g - 500g
10.50 AED 25.00 AED 10.5 AED (58% OFF)
Organic Sweet Potato Purple
Approx. 450gm-500gm
38.00 AED 38.00 AED 38.0 AED
Organic Banana Chiquita Box
18 kg/Box
198.00 AED 198.00 AED 198.0 AED
Organic Eggs 6pcs
17.50 AED 17.50 AED 17.5 AED
Organic Eggs 10pcs
10 pcs
26.00 AED 26.00 AED 26.0 AED
Organic Eggs 15pcs
38.00 AED 38.00 AED 38.0 AED
Organic Baby Marrow
Approx. 450g - 500g
8.50 AED 9.50 AED 8.5 AED (11% OFF)
Organic Eggplant
Approx. 450g - 500g
6.00 AED 10.50 AED 6.0 AED (43% OFF)
Organic Kale
3.50 AED 7.50 AED 3.5 AED (53% OFF)
Organic Radish White
Approx. 450gm-500gm
8.25 AED 11.00 AED 8.25 AED (25% OFF)
Organic Bitter Gourd
Approx. 450gm-500gm
5.25 AED 8.50 AED 5.25 AED (38% OFF)
Organic Lemon
Approx. 450gm-500gm
21.00 AED 21.00 AED 21.0 AED
Organic Garlic
Approx. 250gm/Pack
11.50 AED 18.00 AED 11.5 AED (36% OFF)


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