All we know is that we should include at least six servings of fruits and vegetables each in our daily foods plan! But most of the people don’t follow and they doing are two different things. Aren’t they? Sometimes is not easy to get them all in there. Most of the time, we continuously include some convenience and junk foods in our daily food style. Some people doing in another way like they would fill up on a bag of chips or bowl of rice or pasta instead of using an apple or veggies. So we should exit from this unhealthy food plan. So that here we are showing some ideas to ‘ADD’ some extra vegetables and fruits in your family diet. That will give a healthy body to you and your loved ones! 

  1. Start your every day with a smoothie breakfast. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat yoghurt and ice in a blender. If you want to add protein powder in there, then you do for good measure. Just blend for a few seconds and your perfect breakfast ready to go. 

  2. Include dried fruits in your diet plan that makes an excellent snack any time of the day. Add some small cartons of raisins to your kid’s lunch box, pack some yoghurt covered raisins in your husband’s briefcase and keep some trail mix sitting around for snacking. You can also add dried fruits to oatmeal and cereal in the morning. Kids always love to eat banana chips in their breakfast cereal.

  3. To make some delicious sandwiches by adding some fruits and vegetables like banana, sliced apples or strawberry slices to a peanut butter sandwich. You can add lettuce, tomato, cucumber and anything else you will eat. You can make a sub shop style vegetable sandwich by including several different vegetables with some mayonnaise and cheese or bread.

  4. Make delicious dinner at night. Set out it with a variety of chopped vegetables, fruits, some cheese, etc. Let everybody create their own perfect salad for your dinner.  

  5. Keep always a bowl of fruits and vegetable juices in your fridge and encourage everyone to drink them. Get creative!

  6. Put a small scoop of ice cream or frozen yoghurt in a bowl and add it with a lot of fresh fruits or frozen fruits for your dessert. 

  7. To make your snack with fruits and vegetables. You can cut apples into slices and top them with peanut butter or cheese.

  8. Try some new fruits and vegetables. Pick something exotic to get your family’s curiosity. Today we have a lot of options to get fresh fruits and organic vegetables. We have so many online grocery stores near our local area with several different types of fruits and vegetables. You could try artichokes, plantains, papaya, mango, star fruit or anything else you can find in the grocery store in Dubai.

  9. You can also try to prepare a pot of vegetables soup r stew with organic vegetables & meat. 

  10. Create your “My Veggie Day” once in a week with your family

Begin each day with this plan & you will have everyone in your family eating more fruits and vegetables in no time!