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About Us

Who We Are?

At Gulf Fruits, we follow only one motto i.e. Customer Satisfaction, which we achieve by delivering the finest quality of fruits and vegetables and services to all our customers. Founded in the year 2008, we began our journey with a humble start and today are proud to have become one of the most reliable name in the supply of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables to various sectors such as fine dining and bespoke eateries, 5 star and 4 star hotels, artisan catering establishments and international brands of casual and luxury dining names around UAE. Our team of life long Fruit Enthusiasts are the backbone of Gulf Fruits and are always ready to go to enormous lengths to source the finest and freshest fruit and vegetables for our esteemed clientele.

Our Vision

Our vision is to constantly deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers so that they get a great experience while enjoying fruits and vegetables.

REACH: To touch the lives of every individual in the middle east with our brand of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables every day of the week.

BRAND: To become a household name synonymous to quality, trust and freshness.

INCLUSION: To be a haven for tolerance, global brotherhood and equal opportunity among all factions of the community.

PROMOTION: To promote the diversity and joy of fruits and vegetables available across the globe for all of the Emirates.

INNOVATION: To be the pioneers of discovering new ingredients, bringing uncharted flavors and unique visual exhibition of produce for the Emirati Culture by partnering with the biggest names in the food industry.

Core Values

QUALITY: We maintain the highest standards of quality for health & freshness of every items we produce, our products are loved & cared for throughout their journey from tree to you.

RESPECT: Promotion of global brotherhood, tolerance & equal opportunity is our way of life. Gulf Fruits believes that each individual person brings new flavors, experiences & expertise to serve our clients in the most professional & comprehensive manner.

PEOPLE: At Gulf Fruits, we represent a people of responsive, efficient & creative work force. We appreciate resourcefulness, promote safety recognize dedication & reward creativity within our people.

SERVICE: A customer-oriented system operates at the core of Gulf Fruits mechanisms. We always strive to improve & innovate better ways to serve our valued partners with excellence & dedication.

INTEGRITY: Professional integrity & good moral values are upheld in all our dealings with zero tolerance on ethics & respectfulness.

How we works

Gulf Fruits was founded in 2008. At that time, a need was arising for pre-cut produce as restaurants were looking for ways to ease congestion in the kitchen, make things safer, and speed up prep time. As restaurants began using more pre-cut produce, they realized the overall savings and value of the product, and although pre-cut produce was an anomaly in 2008, it soon became a necessity for many cooks and chefs. After we started the business, finding equipment to produce the product was one of the biggest quickly became our biggest hurdle. What we also recognized, that the only few companies that were already trying their hand on the concept were unable to deliver the same culinary authenticity to their products. We understood then that the key ingredient in bringing our customers the truly authentic pre-cut product was the Human ingredient. Without the knowledge and the wisdom of a human hand the pre-cut produce never gave the same feel, ad spirit to the customers. Therefore, we established a bespoke facility which processed truly hand-cut produce for all our finest clients to love and use. Gulf Fruits has operated out of the brand-new Al Aweer Central Fruits and Vegetables Market in Dubai location since its inception, which we had built to our specifications to create a safe, efficient, and sanitary pre-cut environment. We now can handle any quantity or type of pre-cut produce order or any special request item that our customers require. We specialize in quick response, without compromising on the quality, freshness, or safety of our product. From our start over ten years ago, we have grown from a small business with minimal equipment into a very sophisticated company, following our HACCP plan with stringent quality control. We follow strict guidelines dealing with sanitation, GMP’s, and traceability. We are proud of our facility, our people, and the product that we sell. Order from Gulf Fruits with confidence in quality and product safety. We do our homework and dig into details to find best suppliers across the world who share the same values, passion, and vision like we do. Our excellent supply chain along with the Quality team ensures that the produce are delivered in fresh condition and are in compliance with the Quality standards. The collective efforts of our teams at every stage, has ensured that all our customers receive fresh produce at reasonable prices.

How we works

Since 2008 I had strived and remained committed towards providing a unique experience to our customer, introducing them to innovation and new possibilities. Everything we do is driven by the belief that there is always room for improvement and there is always a better way to meet and surpass our client expectations every time a delivery from Gulf Fruits reaches the client. Over the years we have grown not only as a team but also modernized our day to day operations, by incorporating various technologies and analytical approaches. With our focus ever being innovation and growth, we would soon be expanding our operations to even larger scale of facilities aimed at improving the client experience even further. Finally, as a link between suppliers and consumers we aim to make the supply chain more favorable and beneficial for everyone, by working closely at every link in the chain and ensuring smooth flow across the process. We believe these programs and all our efforts for continuous improvement helps make us the best choice when it comes to fruits and vegetables; you might say we’re… A cut above the rest!