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Why Apples should be a part of your Daily Diet - Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Apples!

Apples - crunchy bright coloured fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the World. Apples are growing World Wide, with their origin traced to Central Asia and Apples are filled with lots of Vitamin C, Fibre, Minerals and various antioxidants. Eat fresh apples as a stand-alone snack in the middle of a busy day or eat them as a part of salads, smoothies, juices and desserts, because apples will never disappoint you! Apples are low-calorie fruits, so many studies revealed that eating apples can have various health benefits. Apples are delicious, nutritious and a handful may even help keep the doctor away. Apples are high in fibre so that helps to boost your metabolic levels, help improve heart health and regulate the body’s blood sugar levels by regulating the release of sugar also it’s rich in vitamins and minerals that remote healthy bones, teeth and skin. Moreover, apples are loaded with vitamin c so that helps to boost your immunity, keeping ailment at bay. Also, healthy polyphenol antioxidants are present in apples are essential for overall health. Most of the studies show that apples and apple juice to effective in reducing the risk of colour, skin and breast cancers. 

Here we show 10 impressive health benefits of apples!

  • Apples are Nutritious

A medium with 3 inches equals 1.5 cups of fruit. Two cups of fruit daily are recommended on a 2,000 calorie diet. One medium apple 64 ounces or 182gms offers 95% of calories, 25gms of carbs, 4gms of fibre, 14% of Vitamin C. 

  • Apples may be Good for Weight Loss

 Apples are high in fibre and water - two qualities that make them filling. Some natural compounds in them may promote weight loss. Apples may aid weight loss in several ways. They are also filling due to their high fibre content.

  • Good for Diabetics and Blood Sugar Regulation

According to the studies, fructose and antioxidant polyphenols in apples improve the metabolic balance and slow the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the body. Apples are especially effective for diabetics, who have to keep their blood sugar in check. Experts suggest that apples lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of a class of antioxidants called anthocyanin that is also responsible for red, people and blue colours in fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Enables Smoother Digestion

There is a number of health benefits of apples are derived from the wonder fibre pectin it contains.  This soluble fibre helps your digestion. Pectin is a soluble fibre, draws water from your digestive tract and forms a gel, that helps to slow digestion and push stool through your intestines. 

  • Apple May be Good for your Heart

Apples help to a lower risk of heart diseases. Apples contain soluble fibre that can help lower your blood cholesterol levels. They also contain polyphenols which have antioxidant effects. Many of these are concentrated in the peel. Then flavoured also contain in Apple that can help prevent heart disease by lowering blood pressure, reducing bad LDL oxidation and acting antioxidants. 

  • Apples May have Prebiotic Effects and Promote Good Gut Bacteria

Apples contain pectin. It’s a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic. This means it feeds the good bacteria in your gut. New studies show that this may be the reason behind some of the protective effects of apples against obesity, type2 diabetes and heart diseases.

  • Substances in Apples may help prevent Cancer

Researchers show that a link between plant compounds in apples and a lower risk of cancer. Reports show that eating apples were linked to lower rates of death from cancer. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects may be responsible for their potential cancer-preventive effects.

  • Apples contain compounds that can help fight Asthma

Antioxidant-rich apples may help protect your lungs from oxidative damage. Eating about 15% of a large apple per day was linked to a 10% lower risk of Asthma.

  • Apples may be Good for Bone Health

Eating apple fruit helps to increase your bone density. Studies show that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in fruits may help promote bone density and strength. 

  • Apples Help to Protect your Brain

Apple juice may have benefits for age-related mental decline. Whole apples contain the same compounds as apple juice and it is always a healthier choice to eat your fruit whole. 

Apples are absolutely good for you and eating them is linked to a lower risk of many major diseases including diabetes and cancer. Get fresh apples online in Dubai at Gulf Fruits - Online Grocery Store in Dubai.

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