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The Best Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions For 2022!
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2022 Comes! And we can’t keep calm. Like every other year, it is time to set some New Year’s resolutions for a better year ahead. Although rubbing off the Covid-19 pandemic blues and creating your travel bucket list has become the new way to go, other commitments toward a healthier lifestyle, community service and much more are also taking precedence. A new year often signifies a fresh start for many people. For some, this means setting health goals, such as losing weight, following a healthier diet, and starting an exercise routine. However, more often than not, the health and wellness resolutions chosen are highly restrictive and unsustainable, leading most people to break their resolutions within a few weeks. This is why many people make the same resolutions year after year. To break that cycle, it’s important to make resolutions that can not only improve health but also be followed for life.

Here, Gulf Fruits gives you the 20 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep. Let's go to our blog!

  1. Eat More Whole Foods

We suggest you should include more whole goods in your diet. Because it is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to improve overall health is to eat more whole foods. The whole foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and fish that contain a plethora of nutrients that your body needs to function at an optimal level. Many researchers said that following a whole-foods-based diet may significantly reduce heart disease risk factors, body weight and blood sugar levels, as well as decrease your risk of certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes. What’s more, adding more whole foods to your diet can be done slowly and consistently. For example, If you’re not used to eating vegetables, start by adding one serving of your favourite vegetables dishes to your diet every day. 

  1. Sit Less and Move More

Whether it’s due to having a sedimentary job or simply being inactive, many people sit more than they should. Sitting too much can have negative effects on health. In fact, it may be linked to an increased risk of overall mortality. Making a resolution to sit less is an easy and attainable resolution that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a desk job that requires long periods of sitting, make a resolution to go for a 15-minutes walk at lunch or to get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour. 

  1. Cut Back On Sweetened Beverages 

Cutting back on sweetened beverages is a smart idea considering that sugary drinks are linked to an increased risk of obesity, fatty liver, heart diseases, insulin, resistance and cavities in both children and adults.

  1. Get More Quality Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of overall health and sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences. For instance, lack of sleep may increase your risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression. There are so many reasons why people don’t get enough sleep at night so that the important thing is that focus on your schedule and lifestyle to determine the best ways to improve sleep quantity and quality. If you want to get a good sleep then you should decrease your screen time before bed, reduce light pollution in your bedroom, cut back on caffeine, and get to bed at a reasonable hour are some simple ways to improve sleep hygiene.

  1. Find A Physical Activity That You Enjoy

Every New Year, people purchase expensive membership to gyms, workouts, studios and online fitness programs in hopes of shedding excess body fat in the year to come. Though most people start strong, the majority don’t make their new routine into a lasting habit. Still, you can increase the chances of making your fitness resolutions stick. To get started, choose an activity, based on enjoyment and whether it fits into your schedule. For example, taking a half-hour walk, jog or bike ride before work, or swimming at a gym that’s on your way home, are simple and sustainable exercise resolutions.

  1. Take More ‘Me Time’ And Practice Self Care

Taking more for yourself is the most important thing. In fact, it’s imperative for optimal health and well being. This is especially true for those in caretaker roles, such as parents and healthcare workers. For people with a busy lifestyle and limited time, making a resolution to engage in self-care may take some planning. However, it’s well worth the time investment. Selfcare doesn’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming. It can simply mean taking a bath every week, attending your favourite weekly yoga class, preparing a healthy meal including fresh vegetables for yourself, Nowadays you can easily get fresh Vegetables Online in Dubai so that makes it very helpful for preparing your favourite meal, Also, going for a walk in nature, or getting an extra hour of sleep. 

  1. Cook More Meals At Home

Many studies said that people who cook more meals at home have better diet quality and less body fat than people who eat more meals on the go. In fact, a study in 11,396 adults founds that those who ate 5 or more home-cooked meals per week were 28% less likely to be overweight, compared with those who ate fewer than 3 home-cooked meals per week. Start by making one meal a day, then increase the frequency over time until you’re making the majority of your meals and snacks at home. 

  1. Spend More Time Outside

Spending more time outdoors can improve health by relieving stress, elevating mood and even lowering blood pressure. Making a New Year’s resolution to spend more time outside every day is a sustainable and healthy goal that can benefit almost everyone, no matter where you live. 

  1. Limit Screen Time

Many people depend on their phones and computers for work and entertainment. However, spending too much time on electronic devices. Particularly on social media has been linked to depression, anxiety and loneliness in some studies. Setting a resolution to cut back on the time you spend scrolling through social media, watching TV or playing computer games may help boost your mood and enhance productivity.

  1. Try Meditation 

Meditation is an evidence-based way to promote mental well-being. It may be particularly helpful for people who have anxiety or depression. Trying at this practice is a perfect New Year’s resolution because there are many ways to meditate and it’s easy to find books, podcasts and apps that teach you how to start a meditation practice. 

  1. Rely Less On Convenience Foods

Many people rely on convenience food such as packaged chips, cookies, frozen dinners and fast food for a quick meal or snack. Though these items may be tasty and readily available, they can have detrimental effects on your health if eaten too often, for example, frequent fast food intake is associated with the overall diet quality, obesity and an increased risk of numerous conditions including heart disease and diabetes. To cut back on your consumption of convenience foods, make a resolution to prepare more meals at home using healthy ingredients.

  1. Rethink Dieting

Chronic dieting is harmful to both physical and mental health. Most people who lose weight through restrictive dieting regain up to two-thirds of the weight lost within 1 year. Dieting can also make it harder to lose weight in the future. Include fruits and vegetable salads and fresh juices in your diet. Buy Fresh Salads Online and Fresh Juices Online in Dubai

  1. Go Grocery Shopping Regularly

Having a well-stocked pantry and fridge is necessary to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals. If you’re not used to going to grocery stores in Dubai. Make a New Year’s resolution to go to the supermarket or farmer’s market more regularly to stock up on nutritious ingredients. Depending on your schedule, it may be helpful to designate 1 day each week as your day to shop. Ensuring that you have time to buy the groceries you need to make tasty, nourishing meals is a savvy way to improve your diet quality.

  1.  Add More Produce To Your Diet

Adding more cooked and raw vegetables and fruits to your diet can go a long way towards improving your health in the new year. Numerous studies have shown that eating a diet rich in produce helps protect against various illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, certain cancers and obesity as well as overall mortality. We have fresh fruits delivery in Dubai, so order fruits online at the best prices in Dubai.

  1. Cut Back On Alcohol

Though alcohol can certainly fit into a healthy diet, imbibing too often can negatively affect your health. What’s more, drinking alcohol frequently may keep you from reaching your health and wellness goals. If you think cutting back on alcohol may be helpful for you, Set a reasonable goal to keep yourself on track, such as limiting drinking to weekend nights only or setting a drink limit for the weeks. If you need a non-alcoholic beverage idea to replace your usual cocktail of choice, try fruit-infused sparkling water, kombucha or one of these fun mocktails. 

  1. Take A Vacation

Taking a vacation - even a short one - may have significant and immediate positive effects on stress levels and may enhance well-being. In the new year, make a resolution to take a vacation with friends or family members or on your own. Whether you travel to an area you’ve always wanted to visit or simply plan a staycation at home, taking some time for rest and relaxation is important for health. 

  1. Create A Sustainable, Nourishing Diet!

You may be making a resolution to eat healthier or lose weight year after year because you’re prioritizing short term changes over long-term health benefits. Instead of making a palm to follow yet another restrictive fad diet, fad diet, this new year, make a resolution to break the dieting cycle. And create a sustainable, nourishing eating pattern that works for you. The healthiest diet is one that’s rich in whole, nutrient-dense foods and low in heavily processed, sugary products. A healthy long-term diet should not only be nutritious but also adaptable, meaning you can follow it for the lif-no matter the circumstances.

  1. Stop Negative Body Talk

Talking negatively about your body can lead to feelings of body shame. In fact, research shows that engaging in and hearing negative body talk is associated with higher levels of body dissatisfaction and decreased self-esteem in both women and men. Make a healthy New Year’s resolution to engage in positive self-talk regularly and reduce negatively body talk.

  1. Try A New Hobby

It’s common for adults to let once loved hobbies fall by the wayside as they get older due to busy schedules or lack of motivation. Make a resolution to try out a hobby that you’ve always been interested in or pick back up a hobby that used to bring you joy.

20. Visit Your Doctor

Getting examined regularly by your health care practitioner is important for many reasons. Having regular blood work and necessary screenings can help spot potential. Problems before they turn into something more serious. Though you pace of doctor visits depends on many things including the type of medical care, your age, and your medical history, most experts recommended seeing your primary care physician at least once a year for a check-up.

Though most New Year’s resolutions are only kept for a short period of time, the healthy resolutions listed above are sustainable ways to improve your physical and emotional health that can be followed for life. Creating a healthier relationship with food and taking better care of your body and mind can drastically improve your health in various ways. This new year, try out a few of the resolutions in this blog to help make this year and the years that follow - the healthiest and happiest possible. Here Gulf Fruits gives New Year gifts to our valuable customers. Kick start this 2022 with a healthy resolution by Gulf Fruits. We present amazing offers on our all fresh salads and juices. Enjoy a 10% offer for all our products in salads and juices. Visit our website and purchase more salads and juices using our code “HEALTHY10” we are the best fruits and vegetable market and we ensure the quality of each product! Explore this New Year with us!

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