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Next Delivery : 07th Oct(Sat),02PM-07PM
Expo Dubai 2021 - Best Places to Get Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Dubai!
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The Expo 2020” is one of the world’s biggest events is coming to Dubai this year! After the long Covid-19 pandemic days, the expo  Dubai 2021 is finally scheduled from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. This event was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. This mega event will be the first-ever expo in the MEASA region, covering Africa and the Middle East. Almost 190+ countries will take part in this mega event. It will cover a whopping 4.38km in Dubai. South, near the Al Maktoum International Airport. The main theme of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The sub-themes are sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. The sustainability segment will be focused on industries, financial, capital governance, employment and education. Secondly, mobility will target filling up the gap between developed areas and those which require administrative and technological intervention. Finally, an opportunity will target highlighting sectors and adhering to the central theme and tapping new opportunities countries will offer their own culturally immersive experiences for visitors. 

Best Places to Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables Online or Offline in Dubai During These Mega Event Days!

We all know that searching for fresh organic fruits and vegetables in Dubai can be a nightmare. You’ll seine through your local grocery store, scoop through half-rotten vegetables and smell-out fruits, you just to find the fresh vegetables and fruits - Not the biggest task in Dubai nowadays. Because UAE is one of the top places to get organic vegetables and fruits. So that country can be competing globally by marketing fresh products. Clearly, we can say it’s a good time to buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables through online or offline shopping at this mega event. With that in mind, here we show some top organic grocery stores in Dubai to nab yourself fresh food during “Expo 2020”. 

  1. Emirates Big Farm

If you are looking for fresh organic vegetables and fruits, right from the farm, Emirates Bio Farm is the best option! You can buy all types of fruits and vegetables, sprouted nuts and eggs, and more. Moreover, you don’t waste your time going to the grocery shop, they deliver right to your doorstep in different types of packages. This organic farm uses recycled animal manure and plant waste to produce natural, environmentally friendly organic fertilizers to guarantee fresh and safe organic products that are free from chemical preservatives.

  1. Farmer’s Market on Terrace

If you want to get organic vegetables or fruits, the farmer’s market on the terrace will give you organic veggies! There will be locally grown organic and fresh fruit and vegetables sold directly from farmers from November to May. You’ll get your fresh tasty and vegetables from your own country! Order the most amazing freshly harvested genuine organic locally grown vegetables, fruits, salads, juices as well as organic fruits and groceries for next-day home delivery. 

  1. Gulf Fruits - Best Grocery Store in Dubai

Gulf Fruits, we started our journey with the aim to offer better choices-chemical and preservatives - free organic and natural products. Our organic products give you to lead a healthier, chemical-free and more eco-friendly lifestyle. We give you everything you need to build your healthy home from organic certified fruits and vegetables, chemical-free everyday staples. Enjoy a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices! Our baskets are filled full of the freshest fruits and vegetables we can find curetted each week to give you variety, save your time and support local farmers! Buy pesticide and chemical-free naturally grown or organic vegetables, fruits, salads and fresh juices. We deliver products that are available at reduced prices compared to those at usual organic markets. We offer doorstep organic grocery delivery in Dubai every day for the convenience of our customers! 

  1. Green Heart Organic

This organic shop is dedicated entirely to the sale of organic produce. They produce fresh fruits and vegetables at the best prices! Let’s enjoy the taste of organic fruits and vegetables while visiting this expo 2020

  1. Ripe Market

The Ripe Market - locally sourced, freshly picked organic procedure and so it should be. So you fill your shopping basket without so much as a second thought about additives, preservatives or any more of the bad stuff making its way into your veggie salads and more. 

With the biggest global event in contemporary times set to take place soon, plan your itinerary and gear up for a memorable experience ahead! 

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