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Dishes from the Grand Onam Sadhya Feast, You Should Definitely Try!
Kerala Onam Sadhya Kootucurry Recipe
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To celebrate, 26 or more vegetarian dishes are prepared and served on banana leaves. Here’s a look at the “Kootucurry” recipe That you should definitely try this Onam! 


Yam - 1 Cup (Cubed)

Plantain Banana Raw - 1 Nos

Ash Gourd -

Coconut Grated - ½ Cup

Jaggery - 1 Table Spoon

Bengal Gram - 1 Cup

Salt - To Taste

Water - 1 ½ Cup

Chilli Powder - 1 Table Spoon

Turmeric Powder - ½ Tea Spoon

Cumin Seeds - ½ Tea Spoon

Pepper Powder - 1 Table Spoon

Curry Leaves - 2 Springs

Coconut Oil - 1 Tea Spoon

Red Chillies - 2 Nos


  1. Soak black chickpeas overnight. Pressure cook it with water and a pinch of salt for 3 whistles. Once cooled, drain the water and keep it aside. Also set aside the cooked black chickpeas separately

  2. Grind ½ cup grated coconut with cumin seeds to a coarse paste, keep aside

  3. In a separate pan, add the above-drained water, vegetables, turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt, and cook on a medium flame. Once it starts boiling, simmer it and cook until the veggies are soft, properly cooked, until the water dries out. Add more water if necessary

  4. Lightly mash the cooked vegetables with the back of a wooden spoon. Add the cooked black chickpeas and the ground coconut paste, mix well and continue cooking till the raw coconut smell subsides

  5. Now add pepper powder and jaggery to the pan, mix well and check for the seasoning. Place the lid, cook for another 2-3 minutes, and then switch off the flame

  6. To prepare the tempering/garnish, heat oil in a separate pan and splutter mustard seeds. Add curry leaves, dry red chillies and grated coconut. Roast the coconut until they turn golden brown

  7. Pour this over the cooked chickpea veggies, mix well. Your Kootu Curry is ready, serve with rice


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