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Benefits of Eating Leafy Vegetables in your Diet | Bulk Fruits and Vegetables
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There are many fruits and vegetables around us that contain many benefits, but we chose for you today a type of dark leafy vegetables, which contains many benefits and vitamins that we will learn about together. Today we will talk to you about spinach, which is a dark leafy vegetable that has a distinct taste among leafy vegetables. 

Spinach contains 23 calories per 100 grams, so it is suitable for those who follow low-calorie diets, and spinach has a high nutritional value. Spinach contains many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin B1-B2-B3-B5-B6

Spinach has many benefits


It contains powerful antioxidants that are effective in fighting cancer cells and preventing cancer

2- Regulating blood pressure

Spinach helps regulate blood pressure, as it contains good amounts of potassium and also contains proteins that reduce narrowing of the arteries.

3- It works to strengthen the bones

It contains potassium, which has an active role in the absorption of calcium into the bones and also contains calcium and phosphorous, which are important elements for bone health and strength.

4- Maintaining healthy skin and hair

It contains vitamins and minerals that work to maintain the health of the skin and hair, such as vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, and they have a significant impact on maintaining healthy skin, preventing hair loss and giving it strength and lustre.

5-Improve digestion

Spinach contains fibre and essential fluids that improve digestion and bowel movement and reduce constipation

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