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Next Delivery : 07th Oct(Sat),02PM-07PM
Back To School After a long Pandemic Days
Idea About Kids' Lunch Box with Full of Nutritious!

After a long pandemic day, Kids are heading back to school. So this is the time to think about how you’re going to provide your children’s lunch box filled with nutritious meals when they’re on the go. You can’t control kids what they eat when they are in school. Because you are not there. So you can set them on the right track to make healthy choices on their own. Always remember one thing about being responsible for what food is available to your children when they are at home. So make sure you have plenty of healthy foods that are easily accessible to kids like already cut fruits and vegetables and easy to grab yoghurt, apple sauce, nuts and seeds. You can easily get cut vegetables and fruits now, pre-cut vegetables and fruits are available in online markets. You can get it from your doorstep. Don't stress about your kids’ food. But do continue to provide nutritious foods at home and teach your children how to incorporate cookies into a balanced diet, show the difference between snacks and treats to your kids. At schools, you should provide nutrient-dense snacks that give sustained energy and also you should focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, dates and nuts, yoghurts and organics. You should tell them why they can’t take a cupcake for snake time at school. Explain that cupcakes contain unhealthy contents, but that at school they will need a more nutritious snack to learn and grow. Also, don’t forget that snacks can be delicious and fun too! For most of the kids, lunchtime at school is about everything except eating. Keeping kids' meals more exciting and nutritious can often be a challenge. Preparing and packing for school lunchtime can make it even harder. Unhealthy food and drinks have become more easily accessed by kids and without proper guidance and limitation. So these leads them to become obese or suffer from other weight-related diseases. Also, handling a child a bag of chips rather than peeling an orange or slicing an apple for them could be more convenient and allow for you to get back to what you were doing. Some of the tips for kids lunch box items:

  1. Include fresh fruits and vegetables as two separate meal components 

  2. Give at least one fruit daily at breakfast or lunch

  3. Include fresh vegetables daily at lunch

  4. Give fluid milk because that is fat-free

When you pack your kid’s lunch or partake in the school lunch program, always be aware of your kid’s nutritional needs and changing needs. Now that they are growing up. Always remember to keep offering healthy lunch box choices in a variety of ways, as children learn to eat what is familiar to them. You should include more different types of colourful fruits and vegetables in your child’s lunch box. Nowadays, you can easily get fruits and vegetables. In a few clicks, you can order online fruits and vegetables at the best prices in Dubai. So you don’t need to waste your time going to the grocery store.  Most of the online grocery stores have products that seem conveniently packed and are marketed for school lunches, but biscuits, fruit straps, chips and other products can be high in sugar, salt and fat. So make a healthy lunch box by using fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and egg products, dates and nuts etc. So let’s start from today!

A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition