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How we work

The Gulf Fruits Formula – Client Over Cost

Our base instinct at Gulf Fruits has always been our commitment to client needs. We believe it is the reason of our success and the key to our future too hence it reflects in our core values. We believe in a personal touch to be provided to every need, regardless of the category of the client or the volume of their business. With a farmer’s heritage we believe in reaping the benefits of the seeds we sow today, tomorrow. We dedicate an army of personnel to cater to your every need, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.


Fruit Ambassadors

Our trained knowledgeable Fruits experts like to be called that for their love and passion for the fruits, but we assure you they excel in client management, communication, punctuality and vegetables too. These team members work together with our client relations and accounts teams who will handle the back-end of your valuable account.

They ensure every requirement is catered to in a timely and efficient fashion, whether it is a specification, origin or class of produce you want, we get things done. Our main currency is feedback (but we do take money as well), the better the feedback, the more we thrive. So please do let us know how much you enjoyed that last pack of Strawberries we delivered.


The Order of Ordering Orders

Legend goes that there are more than 200 monks meditating day and night to unlock new secrets to keep the balance between Fruits/Vegetables and a Healthy Diet in check for our clients. In truth, that was just a fireside story our marketing manager cooked up one night on our annual company retreat. The fact is that our trained, qualified and experienced associates have established a fine-tuned mechanism that caters to client needs and requirements with utmost efficiency. We take our time to get things done but we never let it cost our client’s satisfaction and happiness. We are ninja fast when you need it and sommelier detailed all the other time. Ordering starts from 9AM every day and runs to 5PM every evening. In case of emergencies you can always contact our 24 hours hotline at any time.


Quality and Security

Ever since the inception of Gulf Fruits, quality has been the staple of our produce and deliveries. We believe in paying strict attention to quality assurance, accept only the freshest produce into our facilities and ensure secure and well-maintained warehousing for the produce until it is ready to be served to our clients, after a final inspection and handpicked selection from the trained operations team and our quality control professionals, the products are loaded onto pre-cooled chiller trucks with municipality approved units to dispatch it to you.


Deliveries and

We deliver your produce when you need them. We can even cater to your requirements several times a day, whether day or night. Our fleet is monitored by satellite, meaning that we can track and trace your orders as if it were the Mona Lisa moving for an Exhibition.

The backhand team is always on call and can update you on the progress when you need.


After Sales and Post-Delivery Services

We guarantee the quality of our produce and if you are not satisfied with the produce, we not only correct the concern we make sure it stays corrected for future too. Our dedicated Customer Relations Department makes sure every feedback from the clients is noted, acknowledged, resolved and informed to the entire operations team. Just to ensure the concern is permanently controlled and avoided in the future. We can guide you with tips to handle our produce and will be happy to assist you with any information you seek regarding your produce and our services.

Over the years we have strived to reach the ultimate level of service, quality and cooperation with all our customers.
We are proud to have worked with some of the best high end clients.

International Food Chains and Brands

Since our earliest days, we’ve been working closely with wide range of clients from different sectors and Retail being an integral part of it. With the use of the most latest in house equipment`s and modern technologies along with 100% fresh guaranteed quality produce, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the premium suppliers of fresh produce among Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Hospitals, Airlines etc.

Industry Leaders and Innovators

Our objective to constantly deliver fresh fruits and vegetables along with Customer Satisfaction has helped us to develop and maintain a stable relationship with our clients from the wholesale sector.

Luxury and Fine Dining

Gulf fruits over the years have been successful in developing a trusted partnership with several premium customers belonging to the HORECA industry which includes Fine dining, 5 star and 4 star hotels, artisan catering establishments etc. We have been effective in keeping up a steady association with our clients, with the support of our team whose focus is to provide a precise culinary experience to our clients.

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